They are not deities or gods

They are not deities or gods

Before the advent of Abraham religion, the concept of GOD – as such, in the Abraham understanding – did not exist.

Although we are used to the fact that various Eastern Asian figures in polytheistic cultures presented by gold or copper figures, statues, and monuments or wall drawings in Hindu temples are called deities or gods. But this is a mistake.

It is so that the sculpture, the image is only a psychological picture of personality. In the old days, such paintings played a role like our posters of stars of various musical genres or sports stars. Activity like Bhairava (Lord of Time) with fangs and surrounded by fire was liked by those who love Black Sabbath today. Others preferred sweet Krishna…

Those are the ideas of perfection. One person would worship Krishna which is carefree. And another would prefer the Lord Shiva the destroyer to keep order and destroy all unwanted beings. There are many various pictures, statues which are the personification of ideas. Some of them, long ago, were real people who were wise and admired by many.

Nowadays, the psychological activities of ancient culture have been redefined into our limited language by little-understanding scientists.

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