Unexpected surprises – Pashupatinath Temple (Part 1)

Unexpected surprises – Pashupatinath Temple (Part 1)

11th February 2018

Today while walking through the city we sow stairs leading up to the hill and we didn’t expect what we were going to see.

Today started as usual. I woke up, made exercises, ate breakfast while talking with mom in between. When sisters woke up we served them breakfast and took care of morning washing teeth. In the meantime, I and mom talked about god knows what, and then she told me that I will go to buy socks, she got the idea that we need more of them and she born it on me. I hurriedly, while being busy with something, just answered “Ok” and then I repeated what she said, in my mind and I again answered; “What? … Ok, but only if with you.”. She agreed. So we didn’t hurry, only went to do our things. Then our, sleepy head, father woke up and my mom told him about her plans. After I overheard my father saying “We can go all together”. So, the whole family trip was on.

An hour later we were ready to go. We started walking in the direction of Bouda Temple. We wanted it to be just a stroll with no purpose, not looking for something and trying to find it. In mind, we had the socks and chay (masala tea (milk tea with spices)) with donuts in the region where there is no such thing as tourism. We went to Bouda Temple after crossed the road and entered the street where we were normal clients with no cosmic prices.

There we had a stop. We ate fresh donuts and masala tea. This kind of pastries were fried in deep oil. It was very tasty, sweet and soft. For donuts like this, we pay 10Rs, which is very little. Still, they were quite hot so we had to wait and the tea was just getting ready. We seated there for a half hour just eating and resting.

After we paid and thanked, we went on. We started wondering in small alleys that had around houses and shops (local shops). Sometimes, in between, we could hear the sewing machine.

As we discovered; people there, like to make some business with shops. Means that it doesn’t take much to use a room that is in front of a road and transform it into a small shop where they keep a lot of bought supplies. From time to time someone comes and a little of many come into your pocket. You just seat and do your thing.

We bought, in one of the shops some green peas snack and restored our storage of sweets that were kept in my pocket. We didn’t forget about socks and asked the prices each cloth shop. But most of the shops didn’t have thick, fat socks as we needed. Then while ending up, again, on the big road, we sow, on the opposite side, stairs leading up. In no time we got interested and rushed there.

First impressions were the long going upstairs and then in between the trees, we spotted monkey that was jumping from one to another tree. And we started showing with our fingers around just spotting more and more of them. One of them crossed our road. My sisters screamed with excitement. We still walked up and reached the top in few minutes while looking and jumping monkeys. Then came the thought to give them something and we had just bought so many sweets that we could use for that purpose. I took out one and opened and gave to the monkey then another one and one more. Quiet long we played with them and then rushed up to see the hill.

The hill was a clearing, lea, where many families, friends, and couples made picnics and just relaxed or made meetings. We wandered through the hill while my sisters were running around catching pigeons or monkeys. You could say that the monkeys were the same attraction for us as we were for Nepalis people.

While wondering I smelled grilled meat and it reminded me of sausages we ate in Poland.

Then suddenly my father called us telling us to see something great.

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