Santiniketan: Visit to Amar Kutir

Santiniketan: Visit to Amar Kutir

One day we wanted to see what is behind our house.

There was a park with very unique trees.

 Called Shorea robusta. It grows only in area from Myanmar in the east to Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

For me, a park made of these trees looked strange and weird. When you come into a forest like that you can start to feel like an ant. So small. I liked it. It is like a dream of a child. You can turn on your imagination and free your mind. Look at the world with the eyes of a child.

Imagine, how the child looks at the world. Every time sees something new, so beautiful, strange, new. Looks at trees and the simplest things with so much interest. And after it gets older, everything becomes so normal, ordinary.

Try to see things using the eyes of a child. The world will become much more interesting and beautiful at the same time. Just look at something and try to admire its beauty. Think, everything is made of atoms and how small they are. It’s amazing how everything you look at every day is made of small, small particles you don’t even see. Try to look at an ordinary thing and see how it may be like it is.

We found a road on the other side of the park. Which was going to Amar Kutir.

There was a long sunny road. The first our stop was a restaurant.

After that we met one Indian women that showed us the way to Prakriti Bhavana, Nature Art Museum. It was really interesting. 

Next to the museum we found a school.

There Katia played a little bit on a playground. After, the principal showed us a beautiful statue of Buddha.

We met there some children. They were not so communicative. So, when we finished admiring the statue we headed home. While going we met the same Indian women we met at least 3 times before. She invited us to her home. On occasion, she showed us her hand works. Mostly rings and necklaces were made of wood or some natural seeds. We had to spend there at least 3 hours.

When we finished we came back straight home. Very tired and hungry.

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