Master your self

Master your self

Today we have got quiet an interesting idea…

To master our selves.

To do this we chose 3 kinds of habits and had made 1 day in a week for each of them:

Day of being satisfied – ‘With our thoughts and posture we build our world’. That’s why we should keep our minds happy no matter how bad we want something and we don’t get it. One day without bad thoughts, one more step to the happy world.
In this day we aren’t supposed to show that we don’t like something. We must not complain. Each time we show unhappiness or just a negative reaction to something we have to do 10 squats and it will be written.


We have decided to change the rules. Because of the possibility to hide unhappiness. Instead, if we will not like the behavior of the other person that person has to do squats.

Day of questions – ‘My world depends on me’ – In almost every question we expect the other person to answer which makes us depend on them, in bigger scale it makes us always waiting for something… We should try to take care of our world without expecting anyone to answer.
In this day we can not say questions. It can make us control ourselves. Each time we ask any question we have to do 10 squats and it will be written.
Day of madness – Being supper serious is a sickness of our world; whatever you do again and again it takes you away from the real you. Do things you have never done before, do something for the first time… and first of all, Relax. There is nothing so important that can make you imbalanced.
That day we are supposed to be relaxed. No negative thoughts, no being serious. Just relaxed and if possible without any borders. Free yourself. Be mad. Each time we will see someone serious that person has to do 10 squats and it will be written.

And here is our week:

TuesdayDay of being satisfied
ThursdayDay of questions
FridayDay of madness
SundayDay of questions

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