Preparation for a journey to India

Preparation for a journey to India

20th of February 2015, Friday

The decision was made just before Christmas. We have no business here… this is a time for something that has long been waiting for: the realization of our plans from 15 years ago!

In principle, the decision of flight – according to plan – was almost equal to 2 months. So the minimum that is needed to do is to, say goodbyes to all the people with us in some way related, and tell them that maybe – if possible – we will stay there and live!

Today is Friday – the last day of school education for Maya. My daughter went to school in more casual clothes and took some sweets to school. She took some words of love from her classmates, passed the test of outstanding Polish subject, and with a flourish confident of her splendor and bright future she began a new stage in life…

After four days we will have a flight to India. Now we are packing everything – 1-2 pieces of cloth in a backpack for everyone … the little ones could take 2-3 pieces. The rest of the clothes go to sacks … but mostly to the neighbors, organizations, and other tribesmen. One winter jacket for each, some winter clothes, in case we would come back here for winter. Beds and furniture – as that old and unnecessary went into the fire.

Update – Packing

We packed only the most needed things which included a few pieces of cloth for each one of us. As we are a 6-person family we never carried baggage. Instead, we had 5 to 6 backpacks of different sizes. It was enough for us to carry all the electronics and clothes as well as some teddy bears. Dad carried electronics and his clothes, mom – her and children’s clothes, I carried my clothes as well as some books or notebooks I needed at the time and girls carried small things like bears, metal cups, or their other creations.

We had left all our belongings behind. Full wardrobes were emptied, all toys and other small things packed into sacks and given to our friends.

This is called life from the beginning without old things that drag you down.

Getting rid of old things is an amazing, refreshing process!

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