More about Metlang

More about Metlang

It’s a Village on top of the hill.

It’s quiet and peaceful…

People have small farms with chickens. And fields with corn, rice and pumpkins. Sometimes also potato and tomato in small quality. I think that the population here is about 100 people. I’m not sure.

The village isn’t big but it have few hotels and Guest Houses. There is only one shop here.
The price in shop is little bit bigger then in Pokhara. This place is kind of the center of the village. In opposite of the shop there is one Hotel called Annapurna view Hotel. Most of the travelers around stay there.

For more comfortable people there is one more place to stay. If you reach the end of the road you will find one fine Hotel called Rock Garden. Quiet expensive but there is a pool, bar and a view point.

If you don’t want to ride all the way down from the hill you must get used to their style of life. Mostly there is no bread, butter and few other things that usually get useful.

Or you can get friendly with few farmers around that are like ordinary people here, so you can negotiate some vegetables with good price.

My mom does like to buy some cabbage and few other green vegetables that I don’t appreciate. Sometimes with some luck she manages to buy some tomato and bananas when there is in the shop which happens not so often.

People here also have cows and buffalo so you can buy milk or curd from them. The buffalo milk is little bit more expensive than cow milk. They sell it 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. Cow milk costs 80Rs for a litre and buffalo 120Rs. You can buy mix too. We negotiate it for 100Rs.

The view from any place on the hill is wonderful.

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