Nepal – The winter is coming to an end or was it just my sister

Nepal – The winter is coming to an end or was it just my sister

Today sitting with a computer, as usual, I heard something that made me froze (even more than I was already).

Winter in Nepal and first cold night

Now Nepal is covered in the cold wind with cold air and snow on the peaks. We were so lucky not to, meet snow, my sisters wouldn’t appreciate my thought. But we still are in a cold, cold area where we have to wear at least 2 warm T-shirts and a blouse, not talking about a night. Our first night in a new house, fully empty rented by us for a small price, was terrible. Father bought 2 big mats so we can sleep on them. We got ready with full clothing, I wore 3 warm T-shirts plus very thick blouse and went to sleep covering, each one, with one blanket of our own. I’m not talking about those warm and fat covers, white big covers, but just blankets. The light was switched off.

The night was terrible, the mats were hard and we were used to soft beds covered in blankets. So everything pained. Besides, it was cold! Even with all those layers on, we were unable to sleep comfortably. In the morning I woke up rashly trying to get some more of comfortable sleep but couldn’t. Now it isn’t so bad. Now it will be already few days and we are all comfortable. We don’t even need to wear so many layers.

Day and night, in blouses, caps, and scarfs. We are used to it. ‘Going outside?’ Wear one more layer and ‘more outside clothes’. ‘Night is coming?’ Check, if you are wearing proper amount of layers, cap, scarf and is your blouse closed properly. Put 1 small and 2 big blankets on, properly, and ‘Goodnight’.

That’s how it looks. Maybe for many people, it is normal but for us, it is something new. (This phrase is actually quite funny as we lived in Poland (cold country) for many years. I personally lived there all my childhood which is 13 years. Now after 3 years in India (hot country) I forgot what is cold.) Quiet weird even, how can people live like that all their lives. So we miss hot climates of India, but we are strong and we will take this winter and many more if we need to.

So we are fine with what we have. We don’t sweat so it is fine with wearing so many clothes so long time. But I always had a problem with my hair very quickly getting oily. And my head doesn’t like the ‘all the time wearing cap’. My head skin starts to pain. A great alternative to a cap is a scarf with which you can cover your head.

So now we live in Nepal with dreams of India or just coming Nepali summer. The summer should come in March around 20th. By now the temperature is slowly rising, one by one. So every day is little warmer, very little.

What actually happened

So what happened today was quite weird. I was sitting as usual on one of the mats with a computer, writing, when I heard this sound that is very specific. Little…’bzzzz’. Can you guess what was it? It was a mosquito, as I thought. The most normal thing is that I don’t like them. Who likes, anyway. So I stood up and run to parents telling them the news… I know it can sound funny but after those few weeks of not hearing them, it was like something new, unexpected. My parents’ first thought was that the ‘summer is coming’. But what I thought was that maybe cold Nepali winter isn’t so bad. Maybe it is better that mosquito.

After that, I again sat with a computer and started looking around for the intrude. My sister at the same time doing everything, lying, reading, playing, drawing, I’m actually not sure which one exactly. And then I heard my littlest sister mumble something. And the thought came to me; ‘maybe the sound I heard was not the mosquitos but her’. I’m still not sure what to think. But I’m convinced that the winter is still too young for them to come


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