Peas sauce for potato

Peas sauce for potato

Green peas are one of the widely available vegetables in India.

Seasonally fresh, then dried. A grain sauce is a topic for families with small children who are not used to ubiquitous chili in Indian cuisine. Best in the set with potatoes – fried, fried, boiled … who likes it. We like to have a bit mild, a bit spicy on the plate, hence the suggestion of spicy potatoes. The sauce will work well in both chicken and vegetarian versions.


chicken chest200 gram
fresh green peas1 kg
cauliflower1 small
garlic1 big
oyster mushroom250 gram
fenugreek seedssmall pinch
fennel seedsbig pinch
black cumin seedsbig pinch
tej patata leaf1 piece
oilfor frying
saltto taste


  1. Peel peas, cut woody parts from cauliflower legs  and cut into slices, boil together with a large pinch of salt – can be in pressure cooker.
  2. Flower part of the cauliflower cut and few nice leaves leave aside for frying.
  3. After opening the pressure cooker, add the cauliflower flower, bring it to the boil again without closing the pot and turn it off in a hot decoction.
  4. Left leaves of cauliflower cut fine. Oyster mushrooms cleanse and cut into strips about 1 cm thick.
  5. Cut chicken meat into thick cubes.
  6. Put fat pieces of chicken into the pan,with skin. When a bit of fat appears, add fenugreek seeds. Stir on medium heat for about 1 minute (until the color slightly dims), making sure it does not burn. Add fennel seeds and stir.
  7. After about a minute and a half, add the remaining meat, salt and fry adding some oil, if there i s no fat. Meat can not be dry, but it should not swim in oil.
  8. When the meat is no longer bloody, add the remaining spices and chopped garlic.
  9. Separately, fry the mushrooms in a small amount of oil, stir to a golden color.
  10. Mushrooms combine with meat, also add chopped cauliflower leaves. Fry together a moment, stir and finally add boiled pea with cauliflower together with the decoction. Bring together to boil while stirring.

Bon Apetit!

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