The extension of Nepali visa in Kathmandu

The extension of Nepali visa in Kathmandu

Our visa was about to end so we went to the Department of Immigration to extend it.

In Nepal we can be maximum 5 months in time of 1 year. The visa we took was 3 months long so we could have take 2 more. It costs 2$ a day.

The preparation

We have got ready all the papers, the ones that we filled online and the visa copies.

On our way

In the morning of 19th April we had got ready and went to the main road to catch a bus. The bus was crowded but in time we got few seats. There is always a lady that would be happy to take one of our girls giving them place to seat. We weren’t sure where exacly to get off and we planned to do so at Ratna Park (a place few km far from our destination). But happily i had our mobile where we had a map so we got off and went straight to the Department.

On our way we had passed few restaurants and I had deduced that this region is richer then others. The people were too more elegant.

There was also a bus station on which people were watching TV. The classic small television and news or Indian serials. Not far from there we spotted:

And we went inside to see:

Where we had to write our name, number of people, phone number, date and sign. Those have done my mom and we went inside the building.

Department of Immigration

There were many people waiting or standing in line. Dad had took lace in line and we sat in one of many seats. As it turned out there were a mashines that made all the papers we had done online. So you don’t have to make them at home but you can make them ready in Department. There is even an option to make photo.

So you see, full service.

After our turn came, me and mom gave our pasports with the reqired papers. We showed the woman  behind the window, that we all are here, all 6 person, and she filled children passports with a sticker of free extension. Then she told us that we (me, mom and dad) will get stamps and stickers after payment in next window and she took children’s passports.

On the left: Window for stamps On the right: Window for payment


The director took the passports and and we went to the right window. There we gave our passports and payed 367,715 Rs which is 360$. As I said before, a day costs 2$. Children under 10 years old, free. So for 2 months, one person has to pay 120$.

We got the bill and our passports were too taken by director. After around 1o minutes we got all our passports back. The whole operation took about half hour.

After, with 2 months more, in pockets, we went to drink and rest in Kathmandu center.

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