Ekadashi: Special day for women

Ekadashi: Special day for women

June 21 or the 7thth day of the month of Ashad, 2078 of calendar Bikram Sambat

Ekadashi is a special day in Nepal.

It always falls on the eleventh day after the new moon and on the eleventh day after the full moon – twice each month in the Nepalese calendar. Many try to uphold the precepts of Ayurvedic teachings and keep fasting on this days by refraining from eating partially or completely. It is believed that it is the easiest time to keep fast.

Ekadashi, the holy day for all women, serves to devote time to spiritual matters, meditation, and self-development instead of maintaining activities related to the preparation of food and consumption itself.

10 June 2018 – Parama Ekadashi

Our neighbor, Durga, abstains completely from eating … I’m not sure how about drinking, because there is also a Vedic path to abstain even from drinking water on that day. She dressed up on a festive day – that is, in a red sari with the addition of yellow beads.

That day was also an opportunity for her to realize a long-planned idea – a photo with our family.

The meeting was arranged a day earlier. The next morning, the girls came and took her to us at 1pm.

Sisters were exorbitantly happy with their mission. Dressed in one of the favorites of their dresses, they ran to the shop, grabbed her by hands, and brought her to our home. The youngest who stayed at home raised a welcome squeal and pulled her inside.

We showed her how we lived, and in the meantime, we found out with mom that Ekadashi is the day of fasting. The question of treat has died.

The visit was short. Kids were happy with chocolate candies, we shot a series of photos and our guest went to do some further things with her son.

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