Katia’s Birthday

Katia’s Birthday

25 of February, Saturday

Today there was Katia’s Birthday.

She finished 7 years! I remember when she was small and fat and I remember when I wanted her to grow big so we can play together, but now she has her small sisters to accompany her. And I have to rule.

Today in the morning I went to buy some food. When we came back we helped in making dishes (for many people) and no matter how fast you do it anyways it takes all day. So in the evening at 6pm we went to buy a cake. It was already quite late but we got a chance. I took 2 cakes. One Butter Scotch and 1 Dark Forest. It took me 1035Rs (around 16$)with taxes. For one cake plus-minus 500Rs. They weren’t big but not totally small. So we had to come back for cake at 7:30pm. We came back and ate dinner. And came back to the bakery. When we came back everyone was already ready to cut the cakes.

We were in a room, (maybe 25 people or less) everyone around a small table next to which was standing Katia. Our birthday girl. We opened cakes, admired their beauty and put candles. Before we lit candles someone stopped us telling us that there is a surprise coming. So we waited. Then from the side of a door came a girl with a small plate. Someone else said that we will celebrate in western and Indian style. She put a plate next to the cakes and we saw a red powder, 2 small candles, and rice on it. The girl took a plate, put her finger in a red powder, and walked to Katia. She has made a tikka on Katia’s forehead. Then told mom and dad to do the same to all sisters. After they did so we finally lit candles. Katia blow out them all and cut the first piece of cake, which in Indian style, she had to take a bite, and then she had to give a bite to each of her family. Then we started to cut both cakes. At this moment some genius got an Indian idea of playing with cream. Once before it has also happened to us but not that much. They took cream from the cake and put it all over someone’s face, the worsts part is that sometimes they put on hair, and then it is so sticky (yuck!) but very tasty ;). After this big apocalypse, everyone cleaned themselves and headed to sleep for the next morning’s puja.

Children stayed to open gifts and to have a little fun. 🙂

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