Tickets Puri – Howrah/Kolkata

Tickets Puri – Howrah/Kolkata

Few days before our journey we went to the train station to buy a ticket. Our new destination was Kolkata.

Train Apps

I have few apps on my phone that track the trains. I used them to check the available trains but it had no use. Each showed the same which wasn’t true. There were few available; One had no sleeper class other was super expensive and one more had some other issue.

To the train station

We went out at 10 am and our asphalt road was flooded. We had to walk in water 1 to 2 feet high. The man at our apartment had warned us that we need to go the longer way but we refused thinking of the shorter and more fun way. Fortunately before we had opportunity to walk 15 meters in water a car from behind had stopped next to us offering a lift.

There was a family of 3 and driver. What’s so funny is that not the driver was driving but the father. They explained it is because the driver doesn’t know how or what road to go by in flooded area. In front were siting parents and in the back were son and the driver. They gave us a lift to the big road which is about 4 km from our house. From there we had a walk to the train station with a stop for a cigarette and a juice.

Buying the ticket

At station we asked where the ticket counter is and there we had to stand in a long queue. While standing I had seen a board with train schedule. There were at all 4 trains heading to Howrah JN (Junction). 3 of them were available for us but when we got to the window the man said that there only 2 seats available. We, as always, took Sleeper class. That was weird; I didn’t understood why only 2 seats were of all 3 trains. It seemed that he checked many varieties but this was the only outcome. So we decided to take those 2 and take one more later.

The ticket had cost around 450 Rs for one place, which is much. The third seat we took a few days later for a smaller price.

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